How many Takbiratul Ihram at Idul Fitri/Adha prayer and Basic at Night Takbiran 1 Syawwal ?

Ied prayer is done by 7 times on the interpretation of the first cycles and 5 times in the second cycles.
This is based on:
From Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Ash, he said: The Prophet SAW said, “when praying Id Takbir 7 times in the first cycles and in cycles 5 times a second.” (Reported by Ad-Daruquthni and al-Bayhaqi. See Saheeh Sunan Abu Daud and Saheeh Sunan Ibn Majah)

From Ayesha Ra, “Verily the Prophet Muhammad to interpretation in prayer and Iedul Fithri Iedul Adhaa seven times in the first cycles and five times in the second cycles.” (Abu Dawud, see Saheeh Sunan Abu Daud)

According to Imam Malik and the Al-Idul Prayer Auza’i not disunnahkan to read any remembrance of Takbir Takbir, because there are no details of the Prophet Muhammad is revealed. But Imam Abu Hanifa and Imam As-Shafi’i ra. menyunnahkan to read between the interpretation of dhikr with lafaz not specified.

Takbir Night
Takbiran Technically, there are several opinions of the scholars. Some opinions say that it was only takbir when will go pray ‘Idul Fithri. While other opinion says that bertakbir was done at night ‘Idul Fitr. Evidence of interpretation in the evening ‘Idul Fitri are verses of the Quran which states Surah Al-Baqarah: 185

In the interpretation of Al-Jami ‘Li Ahkamil Quran by Al-Qurtubi, mentioned that this verse has become the basis masyru’iyah (pensyariatan) takbiran Id at night, especially Idul Fitri. This paragraph menghitungan ordered to complete the month of Ramadan, and bertakbirlah. That is, interpretation is not starting from 1st Syawal, but since the end of Ramadan bulam. Because the moment that’s been known to perfect the month of Ramadan.
In the commentary, Al-Imam Ash-Shafi’i, vol saying: narrated from Sa’id ibn al-Musayyib, ‘Urwa and Abi Salamah that they bertakbir at night’ and bertahmid Idul. And Ibn Abbas said, “It was decided to Muslims to see the new moon of Shawwaal to bertakbir.”
A hadith of the brisk night with Recitations Lebaran, beads, seek forgiveness, and interpretation:
People who turn on the night ‘and INUL paul’ paul Adh-ha seriously not going to die on the day of his death the human heart (Reported by al-Tabari in al-Kabir and Al-Haithami in Majma ‘Zawaid).

Then in the surah Al-Baqarah: 185.
Thus the study of masyru’iyah interpretation of fiqh in the evening and Idul al-Adha. There is a difference of opinion among scholars, please you follow that you think the strongest evidence.


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