Means al-Imsak is held. And the meaning of sharia shaum it is Imsak / restrain myself from all that break the fast, good eating, drinking, sexual and other relationships. The opposite of al-Imsak is ifthar, namely breaking the fast, either by eating, drinking or other things belonging to cancel.

Imsak that while the term is used for meaningful community pause a few minutes before entering the actual time Shubuh somewhat less precise. First, because the start time of fasting rather than a few minutes before Shubuh, but just as time Shubuh entered. Second, if you used the term Imsak, really did not mean that’s no longer allowed to eat and drink, but merely advised to no longer do so. But if they keep eating and drinking, nothing will ever destroy the validity of fasting.

And in the Qur’an has been explained in great detail about the early start of fasting, which is now dawn. The dawn in here does not mean the sun. For the dawn is the dawn is shodiq, namely the entry of Shubuh time. Meanwhile, it signifies the sunrise ending Shubuh time for prayer.
…. And eat and drink until the white thread of light to you from the black thread of the dawn. Then complete your fast till the night, they do not interfere with it, are you beri’tikaf in the mosque. That is the prohibition of Allah, so approach them. Thus God explains His verses to man, so they are cautious. (Surah Al-Baqarah: 187)

Eating and drinking in these verses are delivered in filil amr, which generally serves as a command. Although in the context of this verse pemboleh function only. But it was clearly mentioned that the skill is still valid until dawn, the entry of Shubuh time. There is absolutely no hint of the suggestion to stop eating and drinking some time before Shubuh. This means that there is no masyru’iyah for Imsak to itself. For eating and drinking are encouraged and allowed to remain until the entry of Shubuh time.
So that a Dr. yusuf al-Qaradawi said that a few minutes before imsak Shubuh time and materials permanently or continuously carried out, including deeds ghuluw. It means exaggerated in running religious. Because there is no basis suggests, let alone command its obligations. Especially since this issue has become Imsak iltibas (bias) in much the layman, so they think that fasting is not started when entering Shubuh time, but a few minutes before dawn ahead. If things like this left, might be a bad precedent in the future.
While it bersahur itself disunnahkan to do as close as possible to the time Shubuh. Even mentioned that it was competing with bersahur Shubuh time. So it was not known pattern berimsak few minutes before Shubuh permanently. So the so-so person stops eating and drinking a few minutes before Shubuh, but not why if you keep eating and drinking until the entry Shubuh time.

From Ibn `Abbas. He said: Prophet Muhammad has said: “We, the Prophet ordered to immediately break and to later dawn and we were ordered to lay down our right hand over his left hand when he was praying.” (Reported by Ibn Hibban)
From Anas ibn Malik and Zayd ibn Thabit ra. said: “We have shared meal Prophet then he got up to pray” Anas asked: What is the distance between adzan and dawn? Zaid said: “The size of (reading) fifty verses” (HR Bukhori and Muslim)


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