Duas on the sidelines of Sholat Tarawih

READING lafadz peace or lafadzs read-between-cycles between cycles tarawih prayer has no basis in fact masyru’iyah of the Prophet Muhammad. Whether in the form of prayer, remembrance, or poetry commonly sung by the congregation, all of which have nothing to do with what is taught directly by the Prophet Muhammad and practiced by the Companions dear.
But we believe that it lafadzs actually have a good meaning, if you stand alone and are not packaged in a series tarawih prayer. Conducted by the Prophet Muhammad during a break like that just to rest, not directly up again for another prayer after the prayer twice each two cycles. In such interrupted his rest, according to the meaning of the word itself, which means tarawih prayer is a break. The point is prayer-prayer in which there is rest.
But until now we still have not got there sharih information (explicit) from the Qur’an and the authentic hadiths, which states that when the Prophet Muhammad said that chanting certain peace in congregation with bersahut-replication as is often we see today.

It’s good for those who have authority in conducting or coordinating the tarawih prayer, to not get lafadz-dilantunkannya this lafadz between tarawih prayer. As an action-ADZ saddan li dzari’ah lest ordinary people misunderstood, he thought it should have special readings between the cycles of the Prophet SAW tarawih.

This is where our real Muslims are required to learn seriously about our worship practices direct from the source to muktamad and faqih scholars in their fields. The more we bring people explore Islamic sciences, God willing, they will increasingly understand. As long as we provide facilities and opportunities for them in a way that is open.

And of course a good way to deliver this problem is not with the driver held a debate, or dialogue, which is less polite, or resort to offend our brothers to harass or vilify their ignorance. We do not need to throw accusations at each other as a heretic for our own brothers. Even if such practices are still often we find in society, know they do it because keawamannya. Absolutely not because of their intention to create an innovation-bd’ah itself. Therefore, we open the opportunity for them to come to teach, to learn more in sharia, browse the books, more broadly, to their knowledge and understanding of the Sunnah can be more stable.

Let us convey the goodness and truth by way of a good and true as well. May God the Almighty opened the guidance and align our intentions. Amen.


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