Syariah Islam is the most easy, simple, and logical, if compared with other religions such as Christian, Catholic, Jewish, and others

Syariah Islam is the most easy, simple, and logical, if compared with other religions such as Christian, Catholic, Jewish, and others. Below is a list of convenience-ease of Islam.

1. Muslims may pray anywhere. Jews or Christians should do the prayer in a special house of worship belonging to them.

2. Muslims may Propagation with the land when there is no water, Tayammum. Tayammum relief is given to the Prophet Muhammad SAW only.
Rasulullah SAW said:
Abi’s Umamah ra. that Rasulullah SAW said, “The land is made entirely for me and my ummah as a mosque and cleaner. Wherever prayer find someone from my people, the land becomes cleaner. (HR Ahmad)

3. Muslims are forbidden to fast just eating and drinking. While for the people before, apart from eating and drinking are forbidden, but it also can not speak.
Example: The story of Mary that are fast and quiet nadzar thousand languages when forced to recount kelahirkan baby without a husband

4. Muslims do the fasting month is only 1 among 12. While for the people of the prophet David as the need to fast for 12 hours in a full year (criss-cross)

5. Friday (the Islamic holy day) is still allowed to seek money (work and any activity) except after adzan when the preacher has increased podium finish until a priest.
However, people should explore other Rejeki sucinya in the day. Jewish people worship required in total in the house of worship.

6. Muslims allowed to eat beef, goat, camel and other animals. Not only meat but all over the body. While the Jews forbidden to eat certain part of the animals.

7. If the Jewish people to kill a man then sin-folded double. In fact, Allah SWT states with the same kill all human life. If Muslims kill a man one sin. When the victim’s family willing the murderer he must not punished enough qishash pay diyat (fine) or even entirely free. (QS Al-Maarij: 32)

8. Muslims make a good one it will get the reward doubled from Allah SWT.

Even more evidence Syariat ease Islam when compared with Syariat that God sent down to the people before us. All of this is the answer of prayer in Al-Qur’an Al-Kariem. (QS Al-Baqarah: 286)


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