Jihad = Bomb (bom) = Suicide suicide? Against Zionism

Bomb jihad often lately. Its to fight domination Zionisme International (Jews / Israel) and United States in various parts of the world. Some scholars consider it legitimate. Bombs placed in the body like a bomber plane in piloti man in war. Same weapons. The risk is the same, even jihad bombing more “precision” in selecting targets rather than release a fighter “smart bomb” to kill but fact many people do not sin as in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine.

Think of us suddenly attacked stealth bomber and F16 United States, a result of many people dead on piece. Among the victims is so your mother-father, the youngest sister still join the class 1st grade killed and your house is destroyed.

Meanwhile as a result of stray bombs “smart bomb” is removed from the United States the B2 bomber, exploded in a market that is there are chance to buy your beloved vegetables and fish. He also killed the head of 300 meters far separated

Then you live alone, on this earth, there is no more relatives and the people around you beloved. You say the country is already out bend the knees in a matter of weeks later. Think, how you feeling at that time?

Rows of tank-tank, howitzer, helicopter and truck-truck army responsible to kill your brother-relative to that in the end also in the village you (right in the neighborhood where you first lived since small). Do you still hold it and weep? Or you come directly off-line tank that tank as Chinese students in Tiananmen incident field? Of course not!

Then, there is a collection of young people who want to fight the enemy, to invite you to come against. But because the lack of sophisticated weapons, such as they, may not be a short distance from the fight. They all can kill you in the distance thousands of kilometers from the place before you come to them in the post-posnya. Satellite, aircraft detective unmanned, radar sensors high easily detect your presence, long before you can think up to the enemy or not?

Then there is a technology that effectively destroy them, that is by attaching a bomb in your body and exploded near enemy targets. Not possible because the release of the bomb body, and exploded with the “remote control” long-distance, while you can simply run away from the bomb that brought. Because if such a procedure adopted, the new release you just have a jacket bomb ditembak sniper from long distance or near. And you surely die futile. So, tehnology bomb jihad, suicide bombing is not as “suicide” is prohibited in Islamic teachings.

Jihad bomb with the fighter who brought the bomb and the entrance area of enemy air defense is very strict. Equally a human bomb. They have a high risk of death and destroyed the enemy in the field. So, can not said bomb as Jihad suicide bombing. This is based thought some Islamic scholars who justify Jihad bomb to attack targets in the enemy front line as the martyr in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan and in other regions in the earth that attact Islam.

How about the catastrophe that does not target civilians sin? Islam only prohibits the killing of children and women in the area of hostilities, when they found out not to armed resistance. But as the people of Israel, for example, all citizens (women and men who have aqil baligh) all reserves that are ready to fight the weapons! So there is no prohibition to kill civilian women and men of the land! How do people with the United States? Same! They support the political and taxpayer faithful to their country, money that they then used the government to slaughter people in many Islamic countries. So they are not even directly involved.



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