Legal basis Fasting Ramadhan, the fasting is not permitted, and how to change it (fidyah)

Evidence for the Ramadan fast in the letter of Al-Baqarah 183-185:
Hi those who believe, fasting is required for you as required above those before you, that may fear Allah, (is) in a few days. So Whoever among you is sick or in travel (and he no fasting), then (you have to fast) is the day that left the day-to-day the other. and mandatory for those who are running (if they do not fast) to pay fidyah, (namely): Eating a poor give. Whoever compliance with the good heart, And That is better for him. fast and better for you if you know. (Some days that is specified) Ramadan, the month in it is revealed (the beginning) Al Quran as a guidance for mankind and the explanation-the explanation of the instructions and distinguish (between the right and falsehood). Therefore, He is present among you (on the land where) in the month, then let him fast the month, and He sick or in travel (and he no fasting), then (have to fast), as the day it left , on the day-to-day the other. God desires ease for you, and does not want hardship for you. and let you make your numbers and let God exalt him above instructions given to you, that ye may be grateful.

Those who are not fasting and prohibited Ramadan fasting:
1. That can not fast, but must change fast and outside the Ramadhan month is:
a. Women who menstruate
b. Women who are in childbed (after birth)

2. People may fast on the outside Ramadhan months due rukhshah (God’s kindness)
a. Musafir (who travel)
b. People always sick

3. Ramadan fasting is not allowed and replace it with Fidyah (to feed the poor every day as much as one-half liter or mud):
a. people who are too fast
b. of the chronic illness or chronic
c. pregnant women
d. women who are breastfeeding


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