Guidance and prayer iftitah and Qiyamu Ramadan (Tarawih prayer rakaat amount, dua Iftitah, witir, jahr, sirr)

1. Begins with the prayer Iftitah (two rakaat) a lightweight (khafiifataini) and end with prayer odd (witir).
2. The congregation with the reading JAHR (Hardware) or sirr when done alone.
3. Models of the Tarawih prayer

a. Iftitah prayer begins:
– Iftitah dua:
“Subhaanallaahi dzilmalakuuti wal jabaruuti wal wal kibriyaa’i ‘adhomah” (omniscient holy God, who has dzat glory, power, majesty, and splendor) (HR. Thabrani)

– Read a letter of al Fatihah without reading letters recited the other
– Done as mandatory prayers

b. The prayer (select one):
– The two rakaat prayer 5 times (2-2-2-2-2) and ended with one rakaat witir. (HR. Muslim)
– The four rakaat prayer two times (4 – 4), and ended with witir (3 rakaat) (HR.Bukhari and Muslim)
– If the prayer is done witir three rakaat, after loud Al Fatihah recommended to loud Surah Al A’laa (sabihisma rabbiyal a’la … first rakaat ), Al Kafiruun (second rakaat) and Al-Ikhlas (third rakaat) (HR. Nasa’i )

c. load the tasbih three times after the prayer witir;
“Subhaanal malikil qudduus” (Glory to the King who is holy)

d. load:
“Rabbil malaaikati warruuh”


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