Counterwork and taboo from Fasting (coitus / making love, istinsyaq, kissed his wife)

Legal basis of the hadith by Bukhari:
1. Eating and drinking deliberately during the day in Ramadan
2. Making love or coitus in the day of fasting. Who that doing this will get the sanctions:
a. Liberate a slave
b. Fasting for two consecutive months (if not able to Liberate a slave)
c. To feed 60 poor people (if not able to number:b)

Taboo / things that are forbidden in the fast:
1. speak or perform acts that are not true and not fair
2. Speak or do the dirty
3. speak or perform acts that cause the noise so that other people

Three things are based on the hadith from Jamaah:
From Abu Hurairah r.a. he said, “Rasulullah SAW said: He who does not stop the words and deeds which are not true / not honest, and avoid doing stupid / foolish. So there is no use for God even though he was leaving to eat and drink. ”

4. Be that may cause contend attitude and bicker quarrel
Hadith: from Abu Hurairah r.a. he said: Allah’s Messenger said, “if someone of you on the day that are fast, then he should not say / do or gross indecency, and do not act too crowdy. Then when someone berate or calling to fighting, better he should say, ‘I am currently fasting’ “(HR Bukhari and Muslim)

5. Overpressure in the rinse and istinsyaq (insert and remove the water into the nose) (based on the hadith of Abu Dawud and Nasa’i)
6. Kissed his wife in the afternoon, if not a strong appetite. (based on the hadith history Jamaah except Nasai)


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