Making Love (ML)/ bugger when HAIDS / Mens and rectal / anus (pay kaffarat / fine / dinar / gold)

Allah said:
“they ask to you about haidh. Say:” Haidh is a stool. “Therefore, let you draw away from women in the haidh; and do not approach them, before they are holy. if they have the Holy, then please coitus in the place of God to you. Allah loves those who repent and love the people who mensucikan themselves. (Al-Baqarah 222)

So, it is not lawful or unlawful legal coitus when a husband wife haids, until his wife finished the period haidsnya. Whoever doing it cause not understand then do not be a problem. However, for people who already know and do so intentionally (according to some scholars) they must pay kaffarat (fine). Kaffarat magnitude 1 (one) or half dinar.

Some scholars say, may choose kaffarat for himself, that is one or half a dinar. The ML is done at the time bloody then fine one dinar, and if done at the end of the period-end haids the kaffaratnya half a dinar. (one dinar = approximately 4.5 grams of gold).

Screw through the anus
than the screw at the time haids, there are phenomena in society that make intercourse through the rectum / anus associated with this, the Prophet SAW said:

” Cussed people intercourse his wife on anus” (HR. Ahmad)

He also said:
“Whoever intercourse to women to menstruate or anus or on to the shaman-healer, he kufur of what Muhammad (HR. At Tirmidzi


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