Courtesy and etiquette propose / apply in Islam According to the Prophet SAW (Women could propose men)

1. See the potential
When see women we must remain with the rules of syar’i
“From Anas bin Malik, he said,” Mughirah bin Syu’bah wishes to marry a woman. Then Allah’s Messenger. He said, “Go to see her because of the view that will give way to foster more intimacy between you two.” Then he saw it, and then marry her and he told harmony with a woman. (HR. Ibn Majah: and some also have a similar hadith, for example diriwayatkan By Tirmidzi and Imam Nasai))

2. Does not apply for women who have woo another man (although not yet to give answers). Propose / apply this means apply officially.
From Abu Hurairah, he said, “Rasulullah SAW said,” A man can not woo women, who have been applied his brother “(HR. Ibn Majah)

3. Keep your propose (not announced to the people)
From Umm Salamah ra said that Rasulullah SAW said, ” announced and keep marriage proposal.”

4. Women who proposed from all mawani `(prevention) of a wedding. For example, the woman is becoming someone’s wife. Or the woman is or divorced left her husband dead, but still in the `iddah. In addition, women who proposed not included in the list of those who are still a mahram for a man. But, in Islam there is not known a man propose his brother, or his mother or aunt.

5. Women put men
Syar’i not the problem.
“From Tsabit, he said,” We sit together with Anas bin Malik that on side have a daughter. And Anas said, “a woman came to the Prophet SAW, and she offers herself to him, and the woman said,” O Messenger of Allah Shall lord take myself? Then the daughter say Anas, “How not shame thid women!” And Anas said, “Women are better than you.” He he wanted, so he offers himself to her. ” (HR. Ibn Majah).

This shows how Islam is the law respects the rights of women. They not only have the right proposed but also have the right to put men of interest.

For more information please read the book: “27 DAYS IN Married” by Muhammad Adzdzikra Publisher Lingkar Pena, Jakarta, Indonesia


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